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Introduction to Orthodontics

A simple & comprehensive course to understand Orthodontics

This course is intended for:

  • Undergraduate dental students

  • Graduate dentists who like to know if orthodontics is the right speciality for them

  • For any dentist or dental specialist who like to become more familiar with orthodontic problems, when to refer, and when to intervene or treat, and to know what orthodontics can offer them to enhance their prosthetic work.

  • To learn the language of orthodontics in order to communicate better with colleagues orthodontists

  • As a quick preview course for new orthodontic residents who are about to start their residency.

Course Curriculum

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 5.28.14 PM.png

The course is around 4 hrs of videos. For further details click here.

Meet your Instructor


Hi, I am Dr. Lana Dalbah

I am American Board Orthodontist and Orofacial Pain specialist.  

I have been teaching in post graduate orthodontic programs since 2009. I have taught hundreds of residents across multiple disciplines. Teaching is my passion. I love to create a fun, positive, and enriching learning environment for my students, and most importantly I like to keep it SIMPLE & EASY.

Who said learning has to be serious and rigid!


For more info about Dr. Lana Dalbah click here

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Dr. Basel Mofti


Dr. Lana is an amazing doctor, teacher and mentor. I've learned so much from her not just in the field of dentistry but in kindness and compassion as well. She never hesitates to lend a helping hand. I can't thank her enough for all what she's done for me.



Dr. Hanadi Sorour

Ortho class 2020

Learning with Dr. Lana was never boring, it was more like a sweet journey around the world full of fun,excitement,challenges and precious memories 


Dr. Ammar Alkayal

Ortho class 2013

Thank you Dr Lana for your time and effort that you gave to us.


I always felt positive and secured when you were around in the clinic and I have the same feelings now watching your positive posts.


Dr. Mustafa Nazar

Ortho class 2020

Thank you Dr. Lana for being a great ,thoughtful and kind teacher to me , I am so glad that the tips that you taught me in the clinic and during classroom time,  related to life and not only dentistry will help me throughout  the rest of my life .

I really appreciate your dedication to your students for using a more enjoyable ways of teaching which facilitates the understanding of the information .
You left a huge influence on me , so thank you for that doctor 

- "To the best Dr.Lana Dalbah...Thank you for your patience, support , time, knowledge and effort. Your lectures were the best and the most helpful during out postgraduate training.You always have the inspiration and the motivation to teach with all you have got from up-to-date knowledge and experience and you have the talent to explain everything and simplify it in an amazing way for your students to digest. Your lectures were full of positive vibes and motivation in a way that made it very entertaining for us to learn. Thank you for putting all the effort to teach from your heart!" Dr.Raghda Elzohiery, Ortho class 2020  

- "A great teacher and a special person. You believe in all your students and with your joyful soul you truly make a difference with your teaching." Dr. Alia El Aly, Ortho class 2019

- "I attended a workshop once done by Dr.Lana about TMJ problems. I want to share my feedback regarding the workshop, I feel that  really it changed my life in a way that opened my eyes for a lot of information I never heard about  before . Her attitude and delivering the information was really professional in a way that I could understand  the  information explained. Moreover she  gave me an inspiration that a woman is capable and can do many things and should never give up her dreams no matter what . I am really looking forward to attend even more workshops , all the best dear Dr. Lana ,you deserve the best in your life." Jihan Al Jarrah, 4th year dental student

- "Dr. Lana you are a great teacher .The most important information that’s needed for the clinic I learned from you.I like your way of teaching us the details so I became more precise with my cases. Every time I do bonding for my patients I remember your instructors. Thank you so much Dr.Lana and God bless you."  Dr.Nour Alokla, Ortho class 2016

- "Dr. Dalbah supervised many of my patients and I am currently taking classes with her in “Interceptive Orthodontic treatment”. Her style in teaching depends on the experience, deep scientific knowledge, personal opinions and always being updated with latest researches and diagnostic techniques in Orthodontic and general dentistry as well. Dr. Dalbah classes include discussions with the residents and that’s what make it more interesting and interactive and a lot of time is given for each issue, it is like a brain storm!" Dr. Milad Al Saedi, Ortho class 2021

- "Some people teach because it’s their job but others like Dr Lana teach because they have a passion for teaching and passing knowledge. Thank you for going the extra mile every single day! We appreciate your support and guidance." 

Eman Alsayegh, Ortho class 2020

- "Great teacher with expert communication and listening skills and the most think that i liked about you is your ability to build a friendly relationships with the students." Mays Nadawi, Ortho class 2019


- "Dr.Lana is an amazing professional teacher.The way she gives her lessons is very unique.Dr.Lana’s learners never feel distracted while learning from her.Her classes were engaging and attractive for me.She teaches the most difficult topics in a very simple way,and make it easy to understand.She will remain one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Dr. Rezvan Khdeiri, Ortho class 2015

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Introduction to Orthodontics

Full Course

Access to full course material for life time.



Introduction to Orthodontics

Full Course + 30 min call

Access to full course material for life time + 30 min live call with Dr. Dalbah



Introduction to Orthodontics

Full Course + 60 min call

Access to full course material for life time + 1 hour live call with Dr. Dalbah


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