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What is Coaching?

Coaching is the individual process that empowers you to make the best choices that will lead to positive change enabling you to create the best version of you. 

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Coaches help individuals unlock their own potential through learning and improving their own performance.

How is Virtual Coaching conducted?

Offered via Zoom, these individual 1hr virtual sessions offer the guidance needed for personal and professional development by offering an interactive opportunity to explore a vast array of topics depending on your needs.

Who will coach me?

We have two coaches, Dr. Lana Dalbah & Dr. Mohd Sadekly. You can choose based on your need and preference.

What is the language of coaching?

Coaching is offered in Arabic & English based on your preference.

How Much it will cost me?

You can take your first 15 minutes for free, and then it will be 150$ for one hour, or you can take a package of 6 sessions for 825$

Our coaches & areas of expertise


Hi, I am Dr. Lana Dalbah

I am an American Board Orthodontist & Orofacial Pain specialist based in Dubai. Teaching is my passion, and my mission is to make learning an enjoyable and fun journey for my students. Additionally, I am very interested in teaching emotional intelligence amongst the healthcare community to those who need it the most. By doing so, I hope to reduce their stress and spread empathy.


Throughout my life I faced many challenges at the personal & professional levels which led me to look for answers and help. That journey led me to become a life coach. I wholeheartedly believe that each of us needs to seek help and have someone by our sides to keep us enthusiastic and accountable when we need it. In my coaching sessions I focus on growing the person as a whole in order for them to be bigger than their environment and circumstances.

Dr. Lana's area of expertise:

  • All aspects of didactic & clinical Orthodontics & Orofacial Pain.

  • Emotional Intelligence training & assessment.

  • How to identify and live by a life purpose

  • Self motivation

  • Building new habits

  • Wellbeing & Health

  • Quality of life & Satisfaction

  • Effectiveness & Achievement